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A river cruise is the easiest and most enjoyable way to explore the cities and towns that lie along inland waterways. Passengers sail aboard small(often 150 travelers or less) and beautiful, well-appointed ships, dine on gourmet food and enjoy personalized service and wonderful cultural immersion with lectures, local entertainment and so much more.. Daily sightseeing excursions capture the highlights of each port city and are often included in the price, as is local wine and beer with lunch and dinner. You literally walk off the ship and you are in the city or town. You gently glide down the river so there is no chance of sea sickness as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. At times you will visit more than one port in one day and maximize your travel time and money.

We, Eva’s Best Travel and Cruises, offer the widest variety of itineraries along every major river in the world, plus every discount, deal and special promotion available. Below are brief summaries of the top 10 rivers, in no particular order. To see all the latest deals and a complete list of itineraries for each river, just call us at: Eva’s Best Travel and Cruises, 203-221-3171, 888-499-7245, email us at: and check our website at:

Rhine River — View vineyards and castles from the deck of your ship while sailing the Rhine, one of the most popular European river cruising destinations. At the heart of Germany’s Rhine wine region lies Rudesheim, where terraced rows of vines climb the banks. In Cologne, Germany, you’ll visit the spectacular Gothic cathedral with twin spires. German and French cultures meet in Strasbourg in France’s Alsace region; the district known as La Petite France is a nice place for exploration on foot. Many itineraries start or end in the Swiss city of Basel or in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Danube River — Flowing from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube offers a chance to explore Old World cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. In the Austrian town of Melk, most visitors head to the Benedictine abbey that overlooks the town, while in Germany’s Regensburg, your guide is likely to point out the well-preserved medieval architecture and the old Roman gate. During a visit to Passau, Germany, you may hear a concert on the 17,774-pipe organ in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Volga River — Russia’s most famous cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, can be visited on these vacations. The immense Red Square and onion-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral are featured on sightseeing tours of Moscow, while the Peter and Paul Fortress and stunning Hermitage Museum are the don’t-miss sights of St. Petersburg. Your riverboat will likely call at Yaroslavl, one of Russia’s oldest cities, and Uglich, best known for the blue-domed church built on the spot where Prince Dmitry, son of Ivan the Terrible, was murdered in 1591.

Seine River — These trips typically start in Paris, where sightseeing allows for photo ops at the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame and the Champs-Elysees. Elsewhere on a Seine River route, highlights include Monet’s home and beautiful gardens at Giverny; Chateau Gaillard, Richard the Lionheart’s stronghold in Les Andelys; and Le Havre, where passengers typically set out for D-Day landing sites along the beaches of Normandy.couple-in-paris

Saone and Rhone rivers — River cruises in southern France usually combine these two rivers in a single itinerary. During the Saone portion of the sailing, the ship meanders through the Burgundy region, where you’ll learn about the local wine industry and sample vintages in towns like Beaune. The Rhone River runs south through the Provence region to the Mediterranean coast. Among stops are Arles, one of Van Gogh’s favorite places, and Avignon, a walled city with a 14th-century papal palace.

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