Zagat Picks USA’s Most Iconic Restaurants

Zagat Picks USA’s Most Iconic Restaurants – Part 1

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I believe that famous, iconic restaurants tell you a lot about the place you are visiting, not just places for great food. Dining in iconic restaurants is one of the great joys of traveling. If you are regularly traveling on short trips, it can become time consuming to constantly have to look up good places to grab a meal. Plus you want to go “the” restaurant that best epitomizes the special cuisine of the area. If you want a first-class meal it’s always good to follow Zagat’s recommendations. Tim Zagat created a list of 15 American “iconic” restaurants and says that they were selected to “embody the essence of each city”. Travelers return consistently to these cities’ iconic restaurants. These are places where a famous dish, local cuisine, decor, service or history makes an out-of-towner feel as though they’re a part of the city or even a regular customer. Even a chain restaurant can be iconic. Please contact us to add an “iconic” restaurant of your own. Check out this list and call us to check on air and hotel availability and best prices for you. If you have an iconic restaurant to add to this list, please contact me at: 203-221-3171, 888-499-7245, email us at:

Restaurant guidebook and online publisher Zagat names iconic restaurants in or near 15 major cities. The cost is the average for dinner for one person with a drink and a tip:

The Colonnade, $22
The Colonnade is known for it’s exceptional service, Southern fried chicken, fish, and country vegetables. This family owned and operated restaurant makes Atlanta’s favorite homemade yeast rolls and pies.

Austin (Driftwood, Texas)
The Salt Lick, $24
The roots of The Salt Lick run back to the mid 1800’s. This restaurant is well known for it’s old-fashioned barbeque taste. The bbq is phenomenal and the staff is very friendly.

Parker’s Restaurant, $47
The restaurant is located inside the Omni Park House hotel and is an award-winning restaurant. It is the birthplace of the Boston cream pie, Parker House rolls, and Boston Scrod. The Waterford crystal chandeliers and the ornate hand carved woodwork of this Grand Dame restaurant serve as a reminder of the days when Charles Dickens, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and other prominent literary figures dined here as members of the Saturday club. Since the late 1800’s, this venerable restaurant has built quite a prominent culinary legacy. Two cultural icons spent time on the Parker House staff: Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh served as a baker in the bakeshop from 1912-1913 and Malcolm X was a busboy in the early 1940’s during the Pearl Harbor invasion.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, $66
This restaurant embodies the big city dining experience. The locals are the heart and soul of Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, enjoying the food, service, and entertainment. This restaurant is housed in the space made famous by Streisand and Sinatra’s performances.

Alan Wong’s, $79
The various ethnic roots of Hawaii continue to inspire new dishes featuring local flavors and locally grown products. Alan Wong’s has naturally evolved into a place of learning, appreciation and service to our community. The restaurant represents Hawaii’s culture— its land, its culture, its people, and its future. An important (and enjoyable) responsibility the restaurant has in the community is to serve as a link and advocate for local farmers, growers, ranchers and producers.

Las Vegas
The Golden Steer, $72
Over the years, the restaurant has expanded by annexing the neighboring shops and in the 70’s by adding in a larger bar with an old Victorian ambiance reminiscent of the Gold Rush era of San Francisco. In the 90’s, the redecorating was completed to reflect the new century, but still retained the ambiance of the “Old Las Vegas” days when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. were but a few of the regular customers. The Golden Steer Steakhouse is also known for many famous and infamous customers such as: Tony “The Ant” Spilatro, Natalie Wood, Al Hirt, Nat “King” Cole, Joe DiMaggio, Elvis Presley, and Mario Andretti. Though many changes have taken place over the years, one of the core elements of the Golden Steer Steakhouse has been the longevity of the staff and their level of experience. Some of the staff members have been working there for over 40 years.

Los Angeles
Spago, $80
This restaurant is acknowledged as the spark that ignited the Los Angeles culinary phenomenon, Spago is the preeminent trendsetter in cuisine, service, and style. The international wine list and specialty cocktails from Spago’s bar enhance the menu and make this a prime venue for celebrity spotting.
Joe’s Stone Crab, $68
For 101 years, visits to Miami have not been complete without stopping in to Joe’s. This restaurant is well known for their potato dishes, special cole slaw, and world-famous Key lime pie.

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