Cruises of the Past are Sailing Away


Accommodating travel plans to suit everyone’s needs is a near impossible task for most. However, cruise lines are becoming more aware of the need to satisfy multiple ages and a variety of tastes.  The cruise industry is going above and beyond to make cruise itineraries appealing to a vast audience. A diverse range of activities are being offered to compliment the diverse community welcomed onboard.  Cruises are typically perceived as middle-age oriented getaways that consist of chaise chair lounging. This notion is far from the truth- today’s new and improved cruise itineraries give travelers themed cabins, adventurous excursions and unique activities.

While the cruise industry is trying to appeal to a wide audience, each line is distinguishing their particular brand. This branding process is developing a strand of niche cruises that appeal to specific traveler demands. However, the core values between cruise lines remain the same to make cruises an enjoyable experience for all.  Cruises are evolving to carry younger passengers; Carnival Cruise lines boarded 710,000 passengers under 18 this past year. Cruises are adopting new child-friendly themes and family suites.  For instance, Royal Caribbean offers Barbie themed rooms with tea parties and dance classes for young girls. The Norwegian Breakaway is installing a two deck child oriented facility with a teenage-only club, making this the lines largest child-oriented installment. Numerous cruise lines are also being time sensitive to cruise departures during school breaks, holidays and summer months.

The popularity of river cruises is growing.. Viking River Cruises is planning on pursuing the Rhine and Danube rivers this spring. Uniworld is planning to extend their American-based line to the Po River in northern Italy. Both Viking and Uniworld also have their sights set to operate on the Douro River in Portugal. River cruises host a multitude of excursions to entertain guests; Un-Cruise Adventures is acquiring the Columbia and Snake rivers to provide guests with excursions to wineries, historical forts and gorges. Small cruise ships have also made the shift towards providing guests with land excursions in addition to onboard activities.

The majority of cruises have been primarily Caribbean based, but are expanding to distant lands of Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  When people think of cruising, tropical destinations are always at the forefront. However, many cruise lines are considering the exploration of colder climates. The Seabourn Quest is implementing cruises to Patagonia and Antarctica in the fall. Lindblad Expeditions is planning to navigate through icebergs towards Iceland, Greenland and Baffin Island.

Cruise lines are also implementing more entertainment options onboard. Norwegian Breakaway is offering a spectacular array of fireworks, as well as an on-site waterpark and mini-golf course.  Music is the driving force of entertainment on a series of cruises. Celebrity cruises collaborated with Billboard to create 80s dance parties onboard. Holland America is hosting professional dance lessons courtesy of Dancing with the Stars cast members. On a cruise, you can do it all, do nothing at all and everything in between.

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