Baby Boomers Changing the Face of Travel

ImageBaby Boomers consume a hearty 26% of the population with enormous consumer buying power.  Baby boomers have evolved the travel industry through the years with their desire for luxury resorts, singles resorts and backpacking through Europe.

The majority of Baby Boomers aged 50 to 61 are retiring at an older age than previous generations who retired prior to the recession. Early retirees had lengthy amounts of time at their disposal for a longer duration of travel. Tour companies are more conscious of the fact that many baby boomers are staying in the work force for longer periods of time. This required the travel industry to readjust the length of tour itineraries. Shorter trips are more convenient for those who want to travel, but still have to dedicate time to their careers.


For example, Road Scholar Tours have accommodated their tour packages to suit convenient travel dates for baby boomers. Their tours can range as long as 21 days, but the company has drastically shortened tours from 7 to 10 day options. The departure and returning dates have also been altered for domestic programs. The standard dates would depart Sunday and return Friday; now dates have been accommodated for long weekends. Departure dates have changed to Thursday and return dates have moved to Monday.  International tour packages have switched  to cheaper mid-week flights to accommodate travelers who are still working,  with flights scheduled later in the work week.


Baby boomers seek exotic thrills, and also crave the opposite end of the spectrum with modern luxurious amenities. Baby boomers also have a sense of urgency to visit remote destinations that are physically demanding before they are no longer capable. They also crave the environment that is quintessential to roughing it, without actually roughing it. For example, Preferrred Family has a popular package to the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in South Africa. The remote, primitive area allows guests to sleep in a comfortable bed within luxury tents. The tents contain minibars, electronic safes, showers, heating and air-conditioning, decks and plunge pools.  African safari lodges are now becoming equipped with Internet connections for boomers to stay in touch with family and friends.


Solo travel has made the shift towards multigenerational travel growing the demand for hotel rooms with connecting rooms, children storytelling and kitchenettes. Many boomers desire to be a part of tour packages that are only offered to young adults. Many companies have adapted to offer ‘exception tours’ that allow  companionship with an elder during the young adult’s package.

The previous notion of travel accommodations was to reserve a resort that had a sense of familiarity with American hotel chains. Baby boomers today are now more interested in finding resorts that reflect the local allure and character rather than home.  They are looking for ‘unique experiences’ to distinguish one destination from the next opposed to chain hotels.  There is also a high demand for customized travel packages with smaller tour group sizes. This allows for a more intimate, tailored experience with tour guides.

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I co-own Best Cruises and Travel Now, a full service, home-based travel agency. Our customers save a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of aggravation from travel mistakes, while we give them expert, personalized travel advice and excellent customer service. Since we are affiliated with Cruise Planners/American Express, our clients can pay for part or all of their trip using their American Express Reward points! We specialize in specialty and theme cruises and trips, honeymoons and destination weddings, corporate travel and sales incentive trips, family and school reunions and friends getaways. We will exceed your expectations!
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