Why a Travel Agent is Valuable

Why a Travel Agent is Valuable

I had the wonderful opportunity of hearing a talk from my esteemed colleague, Richard Earls, publisher of Travel Research Online. In his article, “Why Travel Agents Are Back in Vogue”, he states,

“Because I’m obsessed with travel research, I believe in the value of a good travel agent. Well- trained travel specialists offer very valuable services and information almost impossible to uncover by yourself regardless of how diligently you search online. A good travel agent will save you time, save you money and provide insights into the logistics of your trip. Good travel agents keep their ear to the ground. They know which tour operators to use and which to avoid. They know the difference between a hotel in city center and a cheaper but far less convenient one on the outskirts of town.

I am an experienced traveler. Yet, I personally always consult a travel agent. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to research on my own. My travel agent welcomes my research and questions. I am always glad I asked for her assistance even if what she is doing is no more than agreeing with my choices. After all, she is researching travel every day. She’s good at what she does and that makes me better at what I want to do.

Let me give you an example of why. Let’s say I want a simple airline ticket and hotel for Bangkok. The published fare for an economy ticket is $1,534. I call my travel agent and tell her what I’ve found in my own research and what I’m trying to accomplish. She says she will call me back. About an hour later, she calls back with my flight and hotel for $1,460. She’s used a tour operator with bulk pricing to purchase the trip. She also points out that one of the days during my stay is a government holiday. I didn’t know that and now that I do, I shift my trip by a couple of days. She makes some suggestions for sightseeing and has scored an upgrade on the room from the concierge.

That’s why I use a travel consultant. They are another research tool. Just like Google, only human and a lot more focused on my needs.

Most people think travel agents sell travel. The fact is, however, a great travel agent doesn’t sell me anything, but instead helps me buy wisely. She researches along with me and we discuss the options. She steers me away from obstacles and looks into nooks and crannies that I might neglect. She helps to insure the quality of my trip. Time and again, my travel agents have saved me money, made good supplier choices on my behalf and helped me purchase wisely.

How valuable is that?”

I couldn’t agree with him more. It is my honor and privilege to advise and consult with you to help you make the best travel buying decision. Am I focused on you, your needs and desires? Absolutely. Does that mean I save you a lot of time and money and aggravation? Absolutely. Do I want you to research your trip and be educated about it? Absolutely. Does that mean I help you avoid making a buying mistake and wasting money and your travel time? Absolutely. Call us so we can talk about your next trip: 203-221-3171, 888-499-7245, egreenwald@cruiseplanners.com.

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I co-own Best Cruises and Travel Now, a full service, home-based travel agency. Our customers save a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of aggravation from travel mistakes, while we give them expert, personalized travel advice and excellent customer service. Since we are affiliated with Cruise Planners/American Express, our clients can pay for part or all of their trip using their American Express Reward points! We specialize in specialty and theme cruises and trips, honeymoons and destination weddings, corporate travel and sales incentive trips, family and school reunions and friends getaways. We will exceed your expectations!
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