Do You Believe in the Mothman? Point Pleasant West Virginia

Point Pleasant WV:

Onboard the  American Queen Steamboat had a talk by Chef Regina on the “Act of Southern Entertaining”. Had a great jazz brunch with crab cake benedict, peppered brisket, and more.

River Wall Mural

Point Pleasant has about 5,000 residetns and is located where the Kanawah and Ohio Rivers meet. In 1774 the Battle of Point Pleasant, where the Virginia militiamen defeated the Native Americans is considered the first baltte of the Revolutionary War. Did the Hop on/Hop Off bus and saw the River Wall Murals. It is a great history and art lesson that spanned the Native Americans to the settler days. Saw the silver statues of a Native American chief and a settler. Then off to Tu-Endie-Wei State Park with Revolutionary War Battle Monument and their Mansion House – a beautifully preserved log cabin. It’s called a Mansion because it was the only log cabin that had three floors and also operated as a Tavern and Inn. Went to the River Front Museum where I got to play a small calliope and virtually steered my own speedboat on the Ohio River.

Tu-Endie-Wei State Park

Visited the “Mothman” statue and fountain. There is an urban legend in Point Pleasant that this creature – half man, half bat looking moth, with blazing red eyes, terrorized the people there and was a prophecy for doom. They claim that many residents saw him right before the horrific collapse of a bridge in Point Pleasant. . So the Mothman statue and movie and souvenirs were born.

Back at the boat went to another Afternoon Tea and were surprised by our colleague, Angela, from the UK, when she announced that she had performed in London’s West End and then proceeded to sing tunes from Braodway shows. Had yummy Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time. I had loved the movie and jumped at the chance to eat them. At night the boat’s singing and dancing quartet charmed us with show tunes.

We’d love to hear from you about your experience with Point Pleasant, the Mothman or any other rivertowns. We’d love to hear from you about Maysville and other wonderful river towns.  We’d also love the opportunity of planning your next trip, so please call us: 203-221-3171, 888-400-7245, email:  By the way, our name is changed.  It is now: Eva’s Best Travel and Cruises, formerly known as Best Cruises and Travel Now.  We’d love you to “Like” us on Facebook, Cruise Planners: Best Cruises and Travel Now and follow us on Twitter: @TravelAndCruise.


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