Planning a Cruise? Use a Travel Agent

Planning a Cruise? Use a Travel Agent

Using a travel agent to book a cruise can start your trip off on a good note in many ways. They know more, they are better connected and have access to benefits you cannot, they can often beat any other prices available, and after everything is planned they provide a safety net that you won’t simply get from booking yourself. Choosing the cruise ship is also a very important decision to be made, and just because it seems the cheapest or advertised as the best does not mean it’s the ship for you. Let a travel agent explain your options; the contemporary cruise ships usually have resort-style facilities with heavy emphasis on ship-board activities. Most of these lines have both shorter itineraries that are closer to home and longer ones that may require international travel. These cruises have great kids programs and attract families with children and multi-generational travelers with grandparents, parents and the kids.

Luxury-style ships are the highest quality of cruise available. They sail with a high emphasis on destinations and ship-board amenities. Sailings tend to be significantly more formal and carry far fewer passengers. These cruise lines are more itinerary-oriented. They often feature longer cruises and International Travel. These cruises are great for adult travelers.

Specialty cruises, also known as River cruises, are adventure-style cruising with a heavy emphasis on destination, education, and off-ship activities. Sometimes the only way to see a certain area of the world that the large first class cruise lines can’t visit is traveling by river. You can see a lot of Europe when traveling along the Danube, Rhine, Rhone and Seine Rivers. Also becoming popular is travel through Russia on the Volga River, and travel through Cambodia and Vietnam on the Mekong River. What better way to see the United States on a paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River?

With this known, working with a travel professional who has had experience in cruising can match you with exactly what you want when planning your cruise. Their perks will also have you glad you used their services as well. They can find you deals, save you money, and above all take care of everything for you, while you just pack your suitcase. A travel agent has no restrictions on what they can recommend–the entire palette of ships throughout the world is available to them. Their first interest will be to learn from you what makes for a perfect vacation and once that is known they work on getting you the best deals on anything that floats.

What to expect when using a travel agent:

Service: A travel agent who specializes in cruise has a power to command better service for you, their customer. If something goes wrong, your agent is a call away, and ready to correct the situation.

Better Pricing: Travel agents can often find better deals and lower prices. They have access to the unpublicized deals and perks the average person doesn’t.

Expertise and Knowledge: Travel Agents can lay out several options for you to choose from when planning your trip. These options can include where to stay, what to see, and how to get to your destination. They can provide you with information from different cruise lines, tell you how to get you baggage to and from the ship, and can always answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

For your next cruise contact Best Cruises and Travel Now, your full service travel agency who strive to exceed your expectations with our expertise and outstanding customer service. Call us today at 203-221-3171, toll free at: 888-499-7245, or email and check our website weekly for specials, and travel tips: We are an American Express Travel Representative, so we can get you all of your AMEX Card Travel Benefits, including the Pay With Points Program that saves you a lot of money. You can pay for part or all of your trip using your AMEX Reward Points when you book your travel with us.

Written by Deidrea Niece, Photos by Google Images


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I co-own Best Cruises and Travel Now, a full service, home-based travel agency. Our customers save a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of aggravation from travel mistakes, while we give them expert, personalized travel advice and excellent customer service. Since we are affiliated with Cruise Planners/American Express, our clients can pay for part or all of their trip using their American Express Reward points! We specialize in specialty and theme cruises and trips, honeymoons and destination weddings, corporate travel and sales incentive trips, family and school reunions and friends getaways. We will exceed your expectations!
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