A Day in Cozumel

Arriving at the port by cruise you are welcomed by the most beautiful, tropical views imaginable. The crystal turquoise water is calling your name, but jumping in from the deck is highly frowned upon. You want to find a beach and get there fast, but where and how to get there? With only a day in Cozumel there is no time to worry about how you are going to get around.

 As a beach lover I was going crazy with excitement and as I walked through the square, my party and I began our search for transportation.  It was extremely easy to find.  When arriving to the road, bumper to bumper taxis were waiting for us.  A driver approached and asked where we would like to go.  We just wanted to go to the nearest beach. We were offered a ride to Paradise Beach which was five miles from the port. A fun pass was also offered for $20 per person. The pass included all-day admission at the beach, and its use of snorkeling gear, kayaks, trampoline, climbing iceberg, beach floats, and slides. It was a great deal, considering everything it included.

We arrived to the beautiful white sand beach lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas.  There was also a restaurant and bar, and a small boutique which sold beachwear, jewelry and souvenirs. It felt like we were staying at a first class resort, but there wasn’t a hotel in sight.  The staff was friendly and made rounds to ask guests if they would like to order drinks. I of course I ordered a margarita, while my fiancé ordered the Mexican beer Dos Equis. I also have to mention there was no need to speak or know the Spanish language. After two years of Spanish courses I knew the basics but even those with little experience can communicate well and make it around Cozumel perfectly fine.

After a few hours in the sun it was time to do a little exploring in town. We left with our sandy feet and burned noses, and hopped in the same taxi as earlier. That’s right, our driver stayed in the area all day. We told him there was no need to wait for us, but he insisted. This eliminated the worry of how to get back to the port, and was an added bonus of hospitality.  When back within walking distance of our cruise, we had a couple of hours to explore the local shops, sample tequila, and buy souvenirs. Cozumel offered good deals on jewelry, Mexican handicrafts, T-shirts and other souvenirs. Even the bottles of tequila were a deal we couldn’t pass and we brought home an authentic bottle of Tequila Esperanto.

Our day in Cozumel was worry free and we accomplished everything we wanted to in Cozumel thanks to our kind driver who took care of everything so we could enjoy our day.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been to Cozumel. If you want to learn more about it contact Best Cruises and Travel Now at 203-221-3171 or toll free at 888-499-7245 or email me at: egreenwald@cruiseplanners.com.

Photos and Blogpost by Deidrea Niece, Travel Writer for Best Cruises and Travel Now


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