The Majesty of Spain in Punta Cana at the Paradisus Palma Royale

The Majesty of Spain in Punta Cana at the Paradisus Palma Royale

The fountains. The statues. The water pools. The swimming pools. The exquisite wooden staircase. The Moorish style windows. The white columns, archways and burnt orange building facade. You’re in Southern Spain, right?

No, you’re at the Paradisus Palma Royale in Punta Cana. The glow from the soft lights and candles and the eclectic Caribbean soft jazz music creates a very intriguing ambiance. We had dinner at the Gabi Club, named after the owner’s daughter and granddaughter Gabriella. Very classy open air restaurant, so imagine my surprise when the waiter asks if I want some Mommajuana. I was stunned. Was the waiter asking if I want Marijuana. Well he said it louder and I was even more shocked. Then he brought some over == it is the national liquor of the Dominican Republic. It was tasty with an anisette flavor like Sambuca. One of the joys and benefits of traveling is being able to try to new things, so never say no, always say, Yes I’ll try it! It’s fun to also try to bring back the Spanish I learned in HS and College. It does come back, somewhat. The folks here are so kind and receptive, they practically encourage you to use your Spanish and it feels good to use something you learned so many years ago.

Then we went to the theatrical show after dinner. It consisted of their very accomplished dancers in very sexy costumes with moves only Latino trained dancers can pull off. Muy sensual! After the show and few Caparinhos I joined the dancers and learned some Dancing With The Star Moves to take home.

Earlier in the day we had a wonderful treat. We took a Catamaran sail from the beautiful Cap Cana (think of the most beautiful shades of blue water). We just had a blast going snorkeling off the catamaran. Thanks to David (he held my hand and led me way out) I snorkeled way past my usual comfort zone and I saw some amazing coral reefs and colorful fish. David and the rest of the staff onboard kept the dance party going. With expert and fun leadership I danced the Salsa and Merengue with the staff and we even snook in some American dances. Then we went into a shallow area of water to enjoy the floating bar. More sailing, more dancing, more drinking, more sunning, a small beach party and a wonderful half-day excursion with VIP Tours. They brought on a professional photographer who is going to feature us in their marketing and sales materials so My 15 minutes of fame will continue. Stay tuned!

I’d love to hear from you about what you love to do when you’re in the Caribbean, snorkeling, scuba, snuba, dancing, swimming and more! . Please call me at 203-221-3171, toll free at 888-499-7245 or email me at Check our website for travel specials and travel tips.


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