El Dorado Royale- Simply more than Paradise.

Is there such a thing? A few weeks ago I questioned the value of staying at an all-inclusive. Is it worth it? Oh my gosh, is it ever! And this is coming from first-hand experience.
I’ve had my fair share of all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Everything from couples only in what was deemed a “luxury” resort to a family friendly resort with characters roaming the property.

I must say I was blown away with El Dorado Royale, a spa resort by Karisma. The adults only resort located in Riviera Maya, Mexico is simply AMAZING. As you walk into the lobby, you are immediately greeted by a fresh scent of lemongrass. The lobby is open and breathtaking. No matter where I went, from the lobby to the bathroom to the meeting areas, the aromatherapy followed me. The rooms were no exception. If you booked a Casita category, you can select your own scent. The smell alone made me feel like I was truly on vacation.

The staff, incredible. The food for the most part was excellent. Reservations are not required for the specialty dining but I would recommend one just to plan out your evening properly.
Romance? There’s no shortage here. On the beach or by one of the many pools, you can escape on a hammock or bed canopy. The grounds are perfectly manicured and situated on the beach. I saw a number of areas fitting for a wedding or vow renewal. Perhaps for my 10 year anniversary…

The things I liked most which is not very common at other all-inclusives,
It’s all in the details. Everything from the lamp cords are wrapped in brown satin so it does not deter from the décor. The perfectly crafted petit desserts. The beautiful fresh cut flowers at every corner including the bathrooms. Complete luxury.
Pillow selection- they had an endless list of pillows to choose from not to mention aromatherapy

Bikes. Yes, you can rent bikes to go around the resort. The resort is so spread out that this was the best way to get around, get some exercise and see the far corners of the resort.
Concierge huts everywhere. You didn’t have to go to the front lobby to make a request. There were multiple concierge huts strategically located throughout the resort to service the rooms within the vicinity. Pure genius!

My list could go on and on. Did I mention it was an all-inclusive? No carrying around extra cash. No need to tip unless you wanted to.

I’d love to hear your experience at all-inclusives. Call me at: 203-221-3171, toll free at 888-499-7245 or email me at: egreenwald@cruiseplanners.com. Certainly post on the blog.


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