Professional Travel Advisor — Why I Love It


I am passionate about travel. I’ve been planning travel for 40 years. I’ve traveled to 48 countries on 4 continents and look for every opportunity to add more to this list.  I love seeing new places, meeting new people, connecting history, culture, and current events when I travel. I love trying new foods, trying new languages, and creating new memories with my family.
Everyone asks me what my favorite trip has been. My answer: It is my next one.  I love the anticipation of my next trip wherever it may be. Even if I go to some of my favorite places, I always look to see and do whatever is new and different. And to go there with family and friends means I get to see it with “a new set of eyes” which is so wonderful.
I love the direction that travel is taking now with more cultural immersion, more genuine experiences, more leisurely trips, more multi-generational travel and more access for people with special needs.  And I love getting to know my clients, what they like, their interests, their great vacation experiences.  I get a lot of joy from my clients. Travel research and planning is very labor intensive but there are many rewards. For instance,  I’ve been called the “Travel Diva” by the Divas in the City group and some clients have said that I bring them “Travel Joy”.  I love that! It’s great to bring people fun, relaxation and excitement. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and bring you some “Travel Joy” to.

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About evagreenwald

I co-own Best Cruises and Travel Now, a full service, home-based travel agency. Our customers save a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of aggravation from travel mistakes, while we give them expert, personalized travel advice and excellent customer service. Since we are affiliated with Cruise Planners/American Express, our clients can pay for part or all of their trip using their American Express Reward points! We specialize in specialty and theme cruises and trips, honeymoons and destination weddings, corporate travel and sales incentive trips, family and school reunions and friends getaways. We will exceed your expectations!
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